Damian Box

A Quantum Mechanic Thought Experiment Innnovation

Damian's Secret

Make a Damian Box. I discovered and created this quantum mechanic thought experiment innovation a few years ago, and after I built the first Damian Box, the experience was incredible, my energy level, my excitement level, my curiousity, my imagination, and my ability to attract and manifest, was growing faster and more often than ever before. But it only works if you follow all the steps and if you follow all the rules. It's fun for anyone. When the idea first came to me, and even after I built and experienced Damian Box, I kept it to myself, like I just discovered time-travel. Damian's Box is a secret method that speeds up The Law of Attraction. It will allow you to attract and manifest, faster and more often. It will work for you, ONLY if you follow the steps and if you follow rules EXACTLY the way Damian's Box was designed. It will help you, just like it helped me.

In quantum mechanics, there is a thought experiment that explores the paradox of quantum superposition. The name of this quantum mechanic thought experiment is called: Schrödinger's cat. This is how I was inspired to create a Damian Box. This secret method to manifesting will travel fast and help many. When I did it, the feeling it gave me was undescribable. It's amazing, it's fun, it's mysterious, and if you follow the rules, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Damian Box: Instructions and Rules

Step A) Grab the shoebox from your favourite shoes. Using the shoebox from your favourite shoes is the best. But if you don't have it, you can use any shoebox.

Step B) Buy FOUR (4) rolls of Colourful Duct Tape. You can choose your favourite colour, or you can use multiple colours. But the Colourful Duct Tape must be the good stuff. It must be sticky, thick, durable, wide, and hard to remove.

Step C) Make sure the shoebox is completely empty. Remove anything on the inside, including stickers, etc.) then close the shoebox, with the original shoebox lid.

Step D) Use your FOUR(4) Colourful Duct Tape Rolls to completely wrap and cover the shoebox. Make sure you use all FOUR(4) rolls of Colourful Duct Tape. You will go over and over, around and around, until your your FOUR(4) rolls are completely used up. The original box cannot be visible, and it should not be easily accessible by any means. The FOUR (4) rolls of Colourful Duct Tape are used to keep your Damian Box safe and very hard to open. You have just closed your Damian Box permanently.

Step E) Use a sharp knife to cut a small slit on the top of your Damian's Box. Make this this slit as thin as possible, so the only thing that will fit, is a piece of paper.

Step F) Everytime you go somewhere that sells lottery scratch tickets, you should buy one or two for your Damian's Box. You should be committed filling up your Damian's Box until there is no room left inside of it. The faster you fill up your Damian's Box, the faster your energy, excitement, curiousity, and imagination will grow.

Step G) You are investing in imagination. You are investing in curiousity. After you've made a commitment to your Damian's Box, you will think, that you might actually have a winning ticket. But Damian's Box must never be opened, becuase you will ruin the mystery and your curiousity and wonder and imagination will end. If you open your Damian's Box, you will never get that feeling again for an experience like Damian's Box.

Step H) Once you completely fill up your Damian's Box, you will always have that curiousity, you will always wonder, you will always imagine what if. And that feeling will stay with you, as long as you have your Damian's Box.

Step I) You can start your Damian's Box adventure again, but you must give away your first Damian's Box to a stranger, someone you will never see again. You must pass on the rules to Damian's Box, and if you explain it correctly, you will basically just handed a stranger a box of mystery, curiousity, wonder, and imagination. They should hold onto Damian's Box, never opening it, and that feeling will always travel with Damian's Box. It's incredible and wonderful way to spark those incredible feelings in your life, in a stranger's life. Pass on the rules, becuase if they open it, even if the box has 50, 100, or 500 winning tickets, those feelings come to an end. That is why passing on Damian's Box to a stranger is the key before starting a new Damian's Box. If they don't open it, you just blessed a stranger with incredible feelings that are hard to find and hard to create. If the stranger opens the Damian's Box, you'll never know, and since you started a new Damian's Box, those feelings will continue with you for the rest of your life.

It's an investment, and when I filled up the first Damian Box, I always believed I had winning tickets, so aside from all those incredible feelings that Damian's Box will bring into your life. If you believe you are lucky, you will feel like you have winning tickets in your Damian's Box, and if you feel like you are adding more winning tickets to your Damian's Box, it creates feelings of abundance, on top of the curiousity, mystery, imagination, excitement, possiblities, and other feeling you will have about your Damian's Box. It's an amazing way to pass those feelings to a stranger. Someone you've never met, and someone you will never see again. If they understand the power of Damian's Box, you've just blessed them with something amazing. So make sure to include this important message and rules with your Damian's Box. A stranger can keep the Damian's Box for a week, a month, a year, or 10 years, but they pass it on, because the investment made into the Damian's Box, will carry those wonderful feelings forever.

Creating your Damian's Box and investing into it, is a relatively inexpensive way to create those priceless feelings in your life. And eventualy in a strangers life, if you choose to pass it on.

The NUMBER ONE RULE is to NEVER open a Damian's Box. Enjoy.

Damian' Box by Damian Calzato
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