Everyone in the world wants love. Everyone in the world needs love. Everyone wants to feel good. No one wants to feel bad. Even bad people want to feel good. No one wants evil in their life, even people who are infected with the mind virus called evil, don't want evil in their life. No one actually wants evil for others, because everyone wants their friends and loved ones to feel good, and one human connection after another, connects everyone on the planet. We are all connected, and if you cause damage, harm or pain to another, it will always come back to you. You are not above or below anyone else, everyone is equal, it doesn't matter what your title is, or what your finances look like. Many teachings from the past are outdated and incorrect, and it's time to move forward with the times. A mind virus is not born from within, it was passed down from a previous generation infected with the mind virus. Good is good. Good is the reason. Good is everything. The bad helped the good create more good. And the good helped the bad become better. Life will never be the same again, because good and bad are already working together. There are so many good things that are not that good. And there are so many bad things that are not that bad. If something creates joy in your life, and your not harming anyone or anything, in any way, shape, or form, is it bad? Use common sense to figure what's actually right and what's actually wrong. Live with the best intentions for yourself and for others. Look for the best in others, or don't look. Always focus on yourself, not other people. The only one that you can clearly judge is yourself. The more you judge, the more you will be judged. Those who look for problems are the ones with the problems. Those who look for flaws are the ones with the most flaws. Those who crave attention at the expense of others, are the ones who need the most help, because they are the ones who are most damaged mentally and soulfully. Those people who carry and spread hate, toxicity, and negativity are just confused. And it's not their fault. EVERYONE actS and does things based on what they were taught. Evil is not a new mind virus, it is passed down from generation to generation. Love rules this universe. You can eliminate hate, but you can't eliminate love. Everyone wants love! There's no new way to be bad. But There are infinite new ways to be good. Think about it. We all act and do everything based on what we were taught. With the information available, are we really doing the best we can as a society? Are we doing the best we can as a planet? Are you doing the best you can as an individual? No one is. Everyone can improve. The mind virus called evil, was passed down from generation to generation. Your bad traits have been passed down to you, they are not yours. You do not need them. If you live 100, 200, 500, 1000 years, you will not reach perfection. Even if you live 100 TRILLION years, you will never be perfect. God gave us the possibility and opportunity to be perfectly unperfect. There is always room for improvement. Perfect is only the one and only, somewhere far beyond the universe: God, The Creator of Life and Love, Heaven and Earth. When you remove the evil teachings from the scriptures, like remove the name of the dev*l and all words associated with negativity from The Bible and all other places, you set yourself free. REMOVE TOXIC ideas from books, movies, music, television, and everything else. When you eliminate the bad ideas, the only thing that will be left is good. When we start teaching the youth only messages of love, peace and happiness: What do you think will be passed on from generation to generation? There are various options to elimiate evil. First of all, The adults on the planet should all start to purify their imagination (100trillion.ca/bloom). Here I share a few ways that I was able to purify my imagination and think without judgement. Don't stain your clean mind with someone else's garbage. If someone stained your mind with toxic shit, start improving your imagination. Watch positive movies, videos, television. Study the wise leaders every day for 10, 15, 20, 100 years. Educate yourself to become better, to be happier, to think bigger, to live longer. Remember, even those who spread evil want love. And that's not how this works, you want to spread the bad, you better believe that's what's coming back to you. After we have a globe full of people with purified imagination, thinking better, the youth will learn from their enlightened elders. And the planet Earth will never be the same again. So the time has arrived and everyone around the globe on planet Earth already purified their imagination... What do WE do NOW? Find better meanings and definitions for ALL the evil and toxic words. (EVIL=VIRUSMIND) (BAD=UNEDUCATED) (TOXIC=LOSER). These examples are perfect because they are 100% true. Option 2: We learn from the past and become a smarter and stronger collective human species for the future by keeping history as a reference. You could sensor all toxic stuff for no public toxic consumption, but that's really up to everyone. We can benefit from history. When humans start to space travel, you never know what type of species you encounter in the endless universe, so it's best to be ready for anything by using history to prepare us for a evil planet? Lol.. Just a random futuristic idea that is probably not true but there is a possibility.. Planet Earth is a beautiful place to live, and each day that goes by, the love continues to grow, and evil continues to die. Like every cigarette, the evil always comes to an end, the evil always dies. It's not possible to say how much Love VS evil there is. Is it 97% LOVE, 3% evil? Is it 98% LOVE, 2% evil? Is it 99% LOVE, 1% evil? When you live in LaLa Land, you start to believe heaven is a place on earth, you forget about all those who are underpaid, you forget about those who don't know where their next meal is coming from, you forget about those who don't have fresh water access, you forget about those who don't have a roof and a comfy bed. No matter what anyone thinks of you, no matter who you are, what you are, where you’ve been, what happened to you, what you did, where you come from, why you’re here, you are part of the plan. You matter. That’s why they were alive, that’s why you are alive now & that’s why they are going to be alive. No one truly understands you. No one will ever walk a day in your shoes. You will never be fully understood until all the data is created, and that may never happen, because new data, new information, and new experiences are infinitely possible and will continue to be created for the rest of eternity. But one sunny day in imaginationland, we may reach a point of truly understanding with the reasons and actions for every person that has ever lived, in all of history, throughout the entire universe, since the true beginning is revealed. Until that moment, it’s all mystery, and true understanding is not possible. We are all data creating machines and no one who is living has all the answers. No matter who are you or what position you hold, there is always something greater than you, better than you, and bigger than you. No matter who you become, there is always someone greater than you in the past, in the beginning, and in the future, and that cycle continues since the beginning and will continue forever. When we reach understanding of everything in history, and everything that’s happened, we will have the knowledge and information, history’s highest truths will be revealed, and step by step, human by human, animal by animal, alien by alien, we will all understand the past, and that’s probably somewhere in Heaven in a trillion infinite years from now, and that point, we will continue creating more and more data and information. God loves you, you matter, have a nice life, love more, give more, be more. Whatever exists, only exists because God The Creator of Life, Love, Heaven, Earth, Planets, Galaxies and Universes allows it to exist. Everything and anything that has happened and everything and anything that will happen only happens because God and angels are collecting data in Heaven. Love is the realest. Love rules everything. Love is the reason. Love always wins. Ev*l is a mind virus from history that was designed to make life stronger but it is not designed to stay on this planet. Every new day that arrives brings a collective global human race that is smarter, stronger, better, and more loving. As each day turns to night we become more connected and more understanding toward each other. As we improve life for others we improve life for ourselves, and that cycle is infinite. Once the planet is 100% love and 0% ev*l, only good is possible for all, and those who already have it good, will have it better. This is not fluffy shit, it’s real shit. Wake up. Purifying your mind does not make you perfect. The real God and the real angels are perfect. Humans are not designed to be perfect. No human who has ever lived on earth has been perfect. Once enlightened, it’s possible you can be imperfectly perfect or perfectly imperfect. If you think you are perfect, wake up. Perfect on earth doesn’t exist because you can always become better. You can become smarter, more giving, more helpful, and more enlightened. Ev*l, temptation, and sin is a test for the enlightened. Those who have not reached the level of higher thoughts are also being tested. Most importantly, don’t harm others. Don’t harm anyone or anything, mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. Do your best everyday and try to become better towards yourself, and towards others. Stop judging others all at once, or stop slowly. Focus on yourself and purify your imagination. Purify your mind and purify your thoughts. Consume less garbage media and programming. Don’t believe the last generation because the highest truths are still being discovered. The next generation will always discover and create a higher truth and a higher understanding than the last. Enlightened or not, brain chip or not, the future always has the answers, not the past. Is 100% love possible on earth possible? Infinite % love is possible. It doesn’t stop at 100. Yes, humans will probably still smoke and drink at that point, but real violence will not exist. The faster the globe purifies, the better your future. When you study more, you understand less. But the more you study, the better and smarter you become during your earth life.
Note from Damian: If you have a pure heart & good intentions, I am here for you. If you need me, call me. The best pure love energy for you. If The Real GOD allows, I will help. Never have any fears because The Real GOD wants the best for you. Pure Love, Pure Joy, & Pure Peace for you. Believe GOD is everywhere because GOD is. Within & without is love. Above is LOVE, below is a mystery. Believe in God, The Creator of Heaven, Life, Love, The Infinite Universe, The Inifinite Galaxies, The Infinite Planets, The Infinite Species, Our Earth, and EVERYTHING ELSE. Believe in you. Believe in all the loving people who once lived and who are still living. LOVE RULES THE UNIVERSE, LOVE ALWAYS WINS. I am a regular guy with a big imagination... That's what happens when you paint homes, working on walls, and listening to education playing in my headphones.. just ideas.. please ignore everything you don't agree with, after all I didn't go to a fancy university, I am a painter.

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