The Imagination Secret
"Imagination is a super important skill to have, and movies have tons of imagination, so technically you can learn from films that are not real."

"Your imagination can take you the edge of the expanding universe."

"To change the world, all you need is love, imagination, and a dream."

"You can get stuck on one idea and make it larger than life, internationally known, but when you keep opening new doors, the imagination never ends."

"Educating and inspiring the youth with imagination, creativity, and innovation will allow future generations to find solutions to problems we cannot figure out."

"Learn imagination and logic follows."

"If you allow your imagination to surf outwards on the edge of the expanding universe, your imagination will never have limits."

"Inspiration, imagination, and innovation follow dreamers like a shadow, but they run as far as possible from realists."

"Your perception is determined by your knowledge, your wisdom, your experience, your understanding, your imagination."

"Anything is possible if you explore your imagination."

"With a smartphone and imagination, you can change the world from your couch."

"Inspiration comes from dreams, dreams come from imagination and imagination is everywhere."

"The depth of your imagination determines the width of your understanding."

"Innovation is floating in thin air waiting for you to grab it. Imagination is everywhere."

"Your perception is determined by your education, your experience, your understanding, your imagination."

"Humans have imagination, and with imagination, anything is possible. So dream your biggest dreams and live your best life."

"Make discoveries and gain priceless insight by using your creative imagination to make observations from infinite perspectives. Each interpretation will bring you a new answer, a new realization, a new insight, a new understanding, a new discovery, a new truth."

" You don’t become an enlightened & wise thought leader by accident. You don’t gain extraordinary & visionary foresight by accident. You don’t get access to the highest levels of your creative & innovative imagination by accident."

"Use your imagination to look into the future and use your education to create solutions."

"Imagination should be embraced, because imagination brings innovation and innovation brings a lot of good stuff."

"If humans have created all this with this, imagine what we can do with a little more imagination."

"Extract quotes to gain new information, improve technology to discover new innovation, keep dreaming to expand your limitless imagination."

"Your perception is determined by your knowledge, your wisdom, your understanding, your imagination."

" The correct sentences can create universal laws if you know how to access the deepest levels of your imagination."

" When you access the deepest levels of your imagination to create a new truth, you can open up new thought highways for the world, leading to infinite new thought possibilities, while creating a universal law, and ultimately, pioneering a universal consciousness shift."

"If you can access the deepest levels of your imagination, you are able to enter new thought patterns, form new word combinations, and craft ultra creative sentences with a perspective that has not been previously explored."

"Imagination creates innovation."

"Imagination + Logic = Infinite Possibilities"

"Imagination backed by logic is the beginning of discovery."

"I might be a figment in your imagination and you might be one in mine."

"History can be created with a little imagination."

"Imagination is worth more than money."

"Some words and some imagination can make anything happen."

"Don’t ask people what is possible, ask your imagination."

"Imagination is the key. Dreaming is the power. Action is the ride. Believing is the door."

"All you need is a little imagination, and you can do anything you want."

"One day the robots will write the quotes, so express yourself, because your imagination is much more exciting."

"Hold my hand. Let’s go for a ride on imagination express. Let’s make history, let’s create magic. The world is waiting for us to do what we came here to do. Without me and without you, this place would be boring, so let’s shoot for the moon, and let’s create a hotel there too."

"Calzato’s Law Of Instant Universal Law Discovery And Creation Through Blending Creative Abstract Thinking, Education, Knowledge, Skills, Talents, Gifts, And Personal Experiences While Using Vision and Imagination Techniques."

"Stretch your past the current logic and understanding to make a better conclusion."

"Surround yourself with people who inspire you and fill you with magic because those who believe in the madness of dreaming will give you courage to find the imagination inside you so can bring it out and share your magic with the world.


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