The Law of Dream Chasing: The Untold Truth, Must Know Info For Beginners

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Do you have the feeling inside to do something great with your life? Do you want to leave a legacy? Do you want to change the world by improving the world? Is something calling you to chase your dreams? These are the first questions to ask yourself, and if you answered yes, it's a good sign. Deep down, if you already have dreams, desires, and ambitions, reading a book like 'The Secret' might light the fire inside and get you started on your journey to greatness. Watching daily inspirational and motivational videos may start your inspiration-to-action engine. Other ways to get inspired, is by hanging around people who are motivated and ambitious. They say you are an average of the five people you hang around. So try to pick five good people. If none of your friends are inspired, motivated, ambitious, or driven, and you don't want to cut them out of your life, find inspiration anyway you can, especially when you are not around them. You could also attend events, semenars, take classes, or search online for other ways to find infinite inspiration. What is infinite inspiration? It's when you get inspired, and you can't stop following your dreams. While infinitely inspired, you might still need to take a detour, but when accomplishing your dreams is your only choice, it always works out. For me, it was 'The Secret' that gave me that push. It gave me the confidence and belief that I was capable of creating whatever I wanted, and that my dreams were possible. Before that reading The Secret 14-15 years ago, I thought my dreams were just dreams. After reading The Secret, I started studying books, audiobooks, and videos, and you know what I found out, those dreams I always had, are DREAMS! You see, there is two ways to look at the word: Dreams. As a positive, or as a negative. The uninspired look at it one way, and the rest of us, look at it the other way. (Remember the previous 100 Trillion room? The Law of Infinite Truths: Contradicting beliefs which are both correct) If you are one of the dreamers, you need to find something to spark that fire. But I found out that there are many ways to get inspired. Find a way that works for you.



Having big dreams will motivate you to keep going when you feel like quiting. If you already know what your dreams are, that's great. You should create a vision board so you can constantly remind yourself of your dreams. Another technique is to write out your goals in the past tense, as if you have already accomplished them. Since you already have some dreams, you shoould consider expanding the size of your dreams. I have gotten advice from many mentors, to multiply the size of my dreams by 10, 50, 100, 1000. It was a good idea for me, but I do recommend this with caution. Expanding your dream and striving for much more will require much more effort, and it will take much longer to accomplish.

If you don't have dreams, and you're looking to figure out what your dreams are, just choose whatever you really want, it can be absolutely anything, something you love, or something you desire. Some say life is about finding yourself, and others say life is about creating yourself. Ask yourself what you want. Do you want to change the world? How many people do you want to help? Would you like to leave a legacy? What type of career do you want? What type of house do you want to live in? Etc, etc. You can dream of anything, you can choose anything! For me, my dreams started developing from a young age. So when I passed the tipping point and started to take actions to follow my dreams, I didn't need to think much about it. I already knew what I wanted to accomplish, I knew what type of lifestyle I wanted, etc., etc. If you don't have big dreams, and you're happy right where you are, rock on! Enjoy life!


How long will it take?

The answer is unknown. Every dream is different, everyone's path is different.

You may get lucky and reach your dreams in under 1 year. But it could take 5, 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years. Achieving your greatest ambitions will require so much energy, and so much effort. Much more than you can possibly imagine. Although, some people have the ability to attract and manifest very simply. Meanwhile, other people constructed the perfect plan, becoming ultra wealthy in short period. Learn from them, pick up some clues, apply it. Real secrets are earned and real tactics are created. Almost everyone who has made it big in life has taken a different path. I believe everyone's dreams can come true if they work smart and if they work hard enough. But I need to tell it how it is. Some say dreams are not guaranteed. But I'm guaranteeing the personal growth is. When you strive to accomplish your dreams, you become smarter, wiser, stronger, and tougher. If you desire to accomplish your ambitions and dreams at all costs, and it is your only option, and you take enough action in that direction, you will reach it. The Law of Infinite Truths: Dreams are not guaranteed, but they kind of are guaranteed with the right mindset. (EXCEPTION: Mindset, ambition, and drive is not enough to play professional sports, must have the athletic body, experience, etc).


Are you committed to becoming a life long student?

The more you study, and the more you learn, the higher the chances of reaching your dream. Studying the right education, will give you the knowledge and information to help you improve in every possible way. What you study will depend on what you want to accomplish, but remember to branch out and learn many things, study various topics. When you enter the next door, I will recommend educators that everyone should be learning from. Learn to love to learn. The smarter and wiser you become, the stronger you'll be, and the further you'll go.


Are you motivated?

At first, the motivation to chase your dreams takes massive will power. The more reasons you have to accomplish your dreams, the easier it will be to continue through the tough times. You need to be inspired and motivated to work on your dreams, even when nothing is going your way. Some examples of when your going to need your motivation are: getting up early to work on your dreams before work, coming home tired from your day job and working on your dreams anyways, staying up late to work on your dream (even when you have work early the next day), declining invitations from your family and friends so you can make progress on your dreams, working very late nights continued by very early mornings, and there are many more examples that you will encounter. The best type of motivation, the motivation you need, is natural motivation. It comes when you build up your inspiration levels (from the daily study of motivational videos), and when you develop and grow your discipline and work ethic habits. It also depends on your passion for your dreams, and how much you want it to become a reality. And last but not least, if you rely on instant gratification, you won't see your dreams all the way through.

A few ways to spark motivation:

1. Listen to daily motivational videos. There are speakers and educators that will help you grow and they will help keep your inspiration strong, even when you're finding it hard to be motivated.
2. Create a morning, afternoon, and evening routine that gets you motivated.
3. Call an inspirational friend. Tell him/her that you need inspiration/motivation
4. Listen to inspiring music or pump up music
5. Go to a place that inspires and motivates you (coffee shop, park, etc).
6. Write down a list of reasons why your trying to reach your dreams.
7. Write down a list of reasons of who you are going to help once you reach your dreams.
8. Write down a list of things your going to do once you achieve your dreams.
9. Watch an inspiring movie or TV show.
10. Go to the gym to get extra energy and motivation.
11. Try eating your favourite snack while working on your dreams, like potato chips, or ice cream.
12. When nothing is working, renlentlessly seek new and positive natural sources of motivation, whatever that might mean for you.


What's your vision?

If you have ideas and plans, you're a step ahead. Remember to ask yourself important questions. This will help you get crystal clear on your dreams and which path you will take. What exactly is the dream? The idea? The plan? The project? What is the best, most educational, most experienceable, most enjoyable, and most sure way to get there? Make a plan. Brainstorm ideas. Get creative. Follow through. Expect setbacks and detours, keep going anyways. If you love the idea, you will love the journey, and you will be inspired and motivated to keep going. When you love the process, you are already winning. For me, I started my journey writing unique books, creating cool inventions, and building innovative websites. It's what I love, and that's why I'm still doing it 15 years later.

If you don't have ideas, start brainstorming! What do you love to do? What are your hobbies? What's your passion? What are you good at? If your dreams are strictly financial get-rich dreams, it's going to be hard to enjoy the process. And if you don't love the journey, you'll quit, or you'll be miserable. You can find amazing ideas by searching online. Want to think of something yourself? Any product and every business on the planet can be improved! Coming up on 100 Trillion, a few doors down, you will find a few of my innovation guides, which may help you think of new ideas.


Following Your Dreams: Do You Have What It Takes?

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