The Master Thought Leader Development Secret

Becoming a Thought Leader is Easier Than You Think

Damian's Secret

How can you become a thought leader?


That's the secret! That's it! That's all it takes.. Actually there's a bit more to it.

To become a master thought leader, you must learn from everyone! Educators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, gurus, life coaches, business pros, leadership experts, philosophers, health experts, doctors, lawyers, actors, directors, nutritionists, psychologists, celebrities, athletes, comedians, authors, and musicians. DON'T FORGET: It's great to learn from these successful people, but all the people who fill up your life have so much to teach. Family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, teammates, and basically everyone who you come in contact with, knows something you don't. So try to learn from every encounter, and every conversation. Understand that everyone has something to teach, and the more people you learn from, the wiser and smarter you'll be, the better thought leader you'll become. Don't look down on people, because if you do, you'll miss the opportunity to connect, to learn, to understand, and to gain a new perspective.

Educators You Should Learn From: Alan Watts, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard, Brené Brown, Brian Tracy, Dan Lok, Dan Peña, David Goggins, Dean Graziosi, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, Eckhart Tolle, Ed Mylett, Eric Thomas, Evan Carmichael, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gaur Gopal Das, Grant Cardone, Jack Canfield, Jay Shetty, Jim Kwik, Jim Rohn, Joe Dispenza, Joel Osteen, John C. Maxwell, Jordan B. Peterson, Joyce Meyer, Les Brown, Lewis Howes, Lisa Nichols, Malcolm Gladwell, Marie Forleo, Mel Robbins, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, Nick Vujicic, Patrick Bet-David, Rhonda Byrne, Robert Greene, Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Sharma, Sadhguru, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Tai Lopez, T.D. Jakes, Tim Feriss, Tom Bilyeu, Tony Robbins, Vishen Lakhiani, Zig Ziglar - These are just a few to get started, and you can find them on

More people to learn from: Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Grenieur, Bob Chilton, Stephen R. Covey, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Ted Turner, Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Arlene Dickinson, Jim Treliving, Lord Guzzo, Mike Weckerly, Jim Carrey, Matthew McConaughey, Denzel Washiongton, Will Smith, etc,. More Coming Soon!

On, you'll find a collection of wise educators and entrepreneurs. Click on their face to access educational YouTube videos.

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If you like reading books on personal development, and thought leadership, click below on to find books from educators, gurus, and life coaches.

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You can become a thought leader, because I believe in you. And more importantly, because I know what you need to learn, so I can teach you.


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