Innovaton To Brighten Up The Home: Canvas Poster Screen


Right from your smartphone, choose any image or any video to display on your Canvas Poster Screen. Keep a still photo of family, friends, artwork, landscape, inspirational quote, a favourite celeb and more. Loop the images or keep it still.

Choose the length of each image & video to be displayed, add filters, transition effects, stickers & gifs, music + music remix transition effects + augmented reality filters effects + moving filters + 3D effects + todo list + preset backgrounds +

Choose to display your calendar or any app or program. You can control everything from your smartphone but the Canvas Poster Screen is also touchscreen + voice commands to change a still image or video to anything you’d like to display.

It can connect with other Canvas Poster Screens in your home or business, so you can sync them all together for a million various reasons. Watch educational or music videos or just listen while it displays or loops to your photos & videos.

They hang on the wall all over your home or business, Canvas Poster Screen come in all sizes, use any app or program from your phone, laptop or TV with touchscreen. Display famous classic art with 3D effects + matte, satin, glossy display options.

Includes a personal assistant which you choose the appearance: human, avatar, or cartoon character: tells what your schedule looks like for the day, tasks, to-dos, calendar reminders, upcoming events, global & local community news & events.

The built in personal assistant can talk to you about anything including best restaurants to visit & much more. Records & keeps records of all conversations for reminders. Send a text message, make a phone call, or use FaceTime around the home.

Canvas Poster Screen Innovation by Damian
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