Purify Your Imagination, Purify Your Life

Damian's Secret

“Your mind is the gateway to your soul. Guard it and be careful what you put in. Don't stain your clean mind with someone else's garbage.”

It's your life, it's your mind. You can consume anything you like. You can watch any type of movie or TV show. You can listen to any music. You can learn from anyone. But if you want to purify your imagination, you must stop putting crap into your brain. For over 10 years, I've been purifying my imagination, and below, I share some ways you can too.

1) Don't watch horror movies
2) Don't watch action movies
3) Avoid watching violent movies
4) Don't watch anything about hate or negativity
5) Avoid toxic programming at all costs
6) Watch comedy movies & funny TV shows
7) Watch inspirational movies & positive TV Shows
8) Watch romance movies & love related TV shows
9) Watch educational documentaries & TV shows
10) Mute advertisements & commercials
11) Turn off or change negative educators
12) Don't read negative or toxic books
13) Only read inspiring and positive books
14) Fill your spare time with positive activities
15) Study the world's great leaders
16) Question everything - don't believe anything that doesn't make sense to you

Films and TV shows for inspiration, success, freedom, imagination.
• The Secret • Dragons Den • Shark Tank • Entourage • Cribs • Pimp My Ride • How to Make it In America • The Internship • The Intern • Moneyball • Goal • I am Legend • Flash of Genius • Dreamseller • Spare Parts • Jobs • Steve Jobs • Eddie the Eagle • Arthur • Unfinished Business • The Karate Kid • Yes man • Coach Carter • The Intern • Joy • Click • Mr Deeds • Jerry Maguire • The Motorcycle Diaries • Silicon Valley • Here Comes The Boom • Father of Invention • 21 • Aviator • The Book of Eli • Hector & The Search For Happiness • The Pursuit of Happiness • Limitless • Night at the Museum • Race • Saving Mr. Banks • Truman Show • The Great Gatsby • Freedom Writers • Pay it Forward • Life of Pi • Disney Movies • Harry Potter •

Always try to avoid negative messages and toxic programming. It will allow you to think positive, as much as humanly possible. There are still things that you may encounter in life that create a little stress, but it's never something to actually worry about. Once you purify your imagination, you will look at life from a different perspective.

Once you stop consuming negative and toxic programming, small things still hapeen, it keeps life interesting. But you're an inspired and positive person, so you are always looking on the bright side.

Enjoy life and continue to consume only good and positive things. Remember: Stop consuming negative and toxic programming. Stop putting crap into your mind. Once you purify your imagination, life becomes better.

A word of caution:

Even inspirational television, movies and positive programming have some crap too. Don't let a TV show, movie or anyone instil you with a belief that doesn't serve you. Do not eat a knowledge sandwich with crap in the middle.
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