100 Trillion Keys

Damian's Secret


1) Don't wait for anyone to follow your dreams. –Damian's Mentors

2) Use inspirational background images for your smartphone. Damian's –Mentors

3) Write your dreams and ambitions on your mirror with washable markers. –Damian's Secret

4) Start your daily to-do list with affirmations. -Damian's Mentors

5) Buy a variety audiobooks for your car.-Damian's Mentors

6) Listen to audiobooks, educational YouTube videos, or inspirational podcasts whenever you are driving. –Damian's Mentors

7) Get a little pocket notebook to write down ideas. –Damian's Mentors

8) On social media, subscribe mostly to educators and thought leaders. –Damian's Mentors

9) Get more than enough mobile data (internet) on your smartphone, so you can learn all day, every day, throughout the entire month. –Damian + Mentors

10) Always search for new topics and new educators. –Damian + Mentors

11) Give yourself one weekend every month in complete solitude to make progress and work on your dreams. –Damian's Mentors

12) Find workspaces that inspire you and work there more often. –Damian's Mentors

13) Paint your home and workspace with colours that inspire you (Color psychology). –Damian's Secret

14) Find the best foods to fuel you (Do your research). –Damian's Mentors

15) Make a YouTube playlist of the videos you've studied (Go to KEY #169). –Damian's Secret

16) Create a vision board (or vision book). –Mentors (& Damian)

17) When you're working and you're on a roll, keep going! Do not break flow. –Damian's Mentors

18) Study the best. Learn from everyone. –Damian's Mentors

19) To start, believe it's possible. –Damian's Mentors

20) To keep going, believe it's happening. –Damian's Mentors

20) Be ready to attract your dreams. –Damian's Mentors

21) Study 'The Law of Attraction'. –Damian's Mentors

22) Stop hanging out with negative friends, but do not cut off family. –Damian's Mentors

23) Only fall asleep to programs with positive messages. –Damian's Secret

24) Don't watch movies and TV shows with toxic and negative messages. –Damian's Mentors

25) Have a hardcopy collection of inspiring movies and TV shows. –Damian's Secret

26) Learn to love the process. –Damian's Mentors

27) Always be in growth mode. –Damian's Mentors

28) Question everything you learn. –Damian's Secret

29) Don't compare yourself to others, unless that inspires you to follow your dreams. –Damian's Mentors

30) Build up permanent inspiration. –Damian's Mentors

31) Save videos that spark your motivation. –Damian's Mentors

32) Write down your reasons for making your dreams come true. –Damian's Mentors

33) Write a gratitude list. –Damian's Mentors

34) Create a morning routine that inspires you. –Damian's Mentors

35) Create an evening routine that inspires you. –Damian's Mentors

36) Write down every idea, no matter how silly some might be. –Damian's Mentors

37) Create all of your ideas (or as many as possible) on your road to success. –Damian's Secret

38) Be passionate about your dreams. –Damian's Mentors

39) Don't believe people that tell you your dream isn't possible. –Damian's Mentors

40) Decline invitations to make progress on your business. –Damian's Mentors

41) Keep going even when it seems like nothing is working. –Damian's Mentors

42) Work any chance you get, it doesn't matter who is around. –Damian + Mentors

43) Go slow, go fast, stop if you must. –Damian's Mentors

44) Invite people to join your business, your startup, your success journey. –Damian's Mentors

45) Don't spend time worrying about what others think. –Damian's Mentors

46) Take cold showers. Or end your hot showers with cold water. –Damian's Mentors

47) Take pictures. –Damian's Mentors

48) Attempt to inspire the people around you, but stop right away if they are not interested. –Damian's Mentors

49) Don't waste your energy teaching uninspired people. –Damian's Mentors

50) Set up a workspace that inspires you. –Damian's Mentors

51) Visualize your dreams. –Damian's Mentors

52) Do the best you can everyday. –Damian's Mentors

53) Dress for success but comfort always comes first. –Damian's Mentors

54) Focus on your stregnths, but always try to improve your weaknesses. –Damian's Mentors

55) Learn to trust your gut. –Damian's Mentors

56) To make your dreams a reality, turn your wants into desires. –Damian's Mentors

57) Read the energy in the room, act accordingly. –Damian's Mentors

58) Turn your weaknesses into incredible stregnths. –Damian's Mentors

59) Learn about, and train your subconscious mind. –Damian's Mentors

60) Buy a ghostphone or mp3 player to store educational videos. –Damian's Secret

61) Take days, weeks, months, or even a year to rest. When you start again, go better, go bigger. –Damian's Secret

62) Build when you are inspired. –Damian's Mentors

63) Hang art with inspirational quotes in every room in your home and around your workspace. –Damian's Mentors

64) Print a life size photo of yourself to hang in your home (life size or bigger) –Damian's Observation

65) Hire an thought leader artist to paint you on a canvas (the bigger the better). –Damian's Observation

66) Wake up early to start working on your dream. –Damian's Mentors

67) Figure out what triggers your most productive work sessions.

68) Figure out what triggers your highest levels of creativity.

69) Expand your vision, make your dreams bigger.

70) Look deeper, find meaning in everything. Sometimes, don't look deeper.

71) Learn from absolutely everything and everyone.

72) Learn from every experience.

73) Look ahead but focus on today.

74) Ignore people you trust when you know better.

75) Shut up and listen to who ever is speaking, but ignore nonsense.

76) Be unreachable sometimes when you're following your dreams.

77) Recognize patterns and play your cards accordingly.

78) Almost always be available for family.

79) Don't let temporary distractions become permanent choices.

80) Learn to look around corners.

81) Always think to yourself, what's next?

82) Stay ahead, stay behind, never stay where people expect you.

83) Don't teach your knowledge and wisdom before you're ready.

84) Have so many reasons to succeed, there is no other option. –Damian's Mentors

85) Purify your imagination, purify your thoughts. –Damian + Mentors

86) Fill your home with inspirational books.

87) Find mentors. Study them.

88) Your passion and energy will give flashes of inspiration to people around you. Don't waste too much time with temporary

89) Look for partners but don't rely on anyone. –Damian + Mentors

90) Study daily for many years, until you build up natural motivation. –Damian's Mentors

91) Be ready to manifest and attract your dreams, but keep working anyways.

92) Study all day, everyday, even during work (if possible).

93) Do your best to always think positive.

94) You don't need fancy surroundings to create incredible things.

95) Try to always feel good, but find strengths in every feeling.

96) Believe that people want to help you.

97) Believe that people want the best for you.

98) Believe it's friendly universe.

99) Always keep your guard up, proctect yourself, and your loved ones.

100) Trust no one to do the job when you can do it.

101) Understand when someone is using reverse psychology. Think from different angles. Detect alterior motives.

102) Be trustworthy, responsible & reliable

103) Always trust God, but learn when to trust humans.

104) Write down important notes in your notebook, not on your phone.

105) Create your own truths, beliefs, and conclusions.

106) Always trust yourself, unless you know otherwise.

107) Be happy, kind & loving.

108) Always try to show up early.

109) Always show up, even if you show up late.

110) If you're important, people will wait for you.

111) Go with the flow, but learn when to go against the flow - always take steps in the right direction.

112) Stay awake until you accomplish the desired task.

113) If you don't reach your goal today, try again tomorrow.

114) Learn when to be in silence, when to study education, and when to listen to music.

115) Learn how to silence your mind on command.

116) Be comfortable alone.

117) Study and learn microexpressions.

118) Study and learn body language.

119) Follow and Believe in God, The One And Only, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Love and Life (Far beyond our comprehension).

120) Launch your business/startup before it's ready, improve on the way. The exposure will bring you more ideas.

121) Go on a solo adventure. Travel far, travel alone.

122) Take the long way, enjoy the journey.

123) Travel with people you love, make new memories, experience true connection.

124) Never be rude, unless it's the only option.

125) Don't waste time argueing, agree with stubborn people even when they are wrong.

126) Don't waste energy teaching someone who already knows everything.

127) Understand that you can learn from anyone and everyone on the planet.

128) Believe in the power of your imagination.

129) You don't need the best tools to succeed, you need ambition and perseverence.

130) Be humble, don't use your ego, unless it's necessary in that moment.

131) Always respect everyone.

132) Stand up for yourself, don't be a pushover.

133) Limit food consumption during creative work sessions.

134) Detox your pineal gland.

135) Avoid flouride as much as possible.

136) Eat superfoods.

137) Exercise once a week (minimum).

138) Wander in every city you visit, get lost in new cities.

139) Take ice baths.

140) Spend time in nature.

141) Learn about infinite possibilities (what is the butterfly effect?).

142) Don't believe everything you see.

143) Don't believe everything you hear.

144) Don't believe everything you learn.

145) Don't believe everything you think you understand.

146) Don't believe everything you believe.

147) Work on the hardest task first.

148) When you are ready, make your dreams chase you.

149) Make a list with everything you need to accomplish.

150) Fill your home and workspace with flowers and plants.

151) You always have everything you need to do whatever you want.

152) Make a Hype File for Yourself (a collection of positive messages you've received from people). –Damian's Mentor

153) Buy gadgets that simplify your life. Buy gadgets that will increase your success. –Damian's Mentor

154) The more you have struggled on your journey to success, the sweeter the victory. –Damian's Mentor

155) Know the laws in your country, but only use them when necessary. –Damian

156) Words are the most power tool you have, use them wisely. –Damian

157) Learn and understand the power of the subconscious mind, what's possible? –Damian's Mentor

158) Don't show your strength unless you have to. –Damian's Mentor

159) Your mind is more powerful than you think. –Damian's Mentor

160) Dig deep to find the information you need. Look everywhere. – – – – –

161) Study Alchemy. –Damian's Mentor

162) Wear super comfortable clothing. –Friends

163) Find foods, natural supplements, herbs, and more to improve performance at work. –Damian's Mentor

164) Work in the garage, work in the fancy hotel - both will bring you different ideas, insights & motivations. –Damian

165) If you go unnoticed - use this time to grow. –Damian's Mentor

166) Work with low battery on your laptop and smartphone - create pressure, and increase your work speed (output). –Damian

167) Embrace a messy desk or messy work space. –Mentor + Damian

168) Anyone can make anything look interesting if they want to. –Damian + Mentor

169) Study privately (not signed in) for 5-10 years before you start making your first education playlist. –Damian

170) Be the best you can. Strive for growth. Aim for perfection. But understand you are not perfect. –Damian's Mentor

171) Buy a lottery ticket - imagine the possibility of winning, visualize abundance. –Damian's Mentor

172) Download a TO-DO list mobile app - add new tasks often, check app often. –Damian's Mentor

173) Download an app to make a mobile vision board. –Damian

174) Download apps that give you daily motivation and inspiration. –Damian's Mentor

175) Keep your various senses engaged while doing your work. –Damian

176) Buy an essential oil diffuser and various essential oil scents. –Damian's Mentor

177) Use and test various essential oil scents in your work space for focus, creativity, etc. –Damian's Mentor

178) Have a cologne or perfume to spray while you're working (essential oil alternative). –Damian

179) Make a music playlist to get you dancing, to get you moving, to get you going, to make you feel good. –Damian's Mentor

180) Find instrumental music you can play in the background while you're working - for focus, productivity, etc. –Damian's Mentor

181) Have textured sensory stickers, adhesives, and objects accessible at your work station. -Sharks Tank

182) ?

183) Continue creating amazing things and sharing new ideas, even when no one is interested or showing support. –Damian's Mentors

184) Understand the power of music, especially during your creative periods. –Damian's Secret

185) You don't need support from family, friends, or strangers to positively change the world or dent the universe. – – – – –

186) You don't need partners, co-founders, fans, or followers to make a difference. –Damian

187) Always find new places to work. –Damian's Mentors

188) Embrace being different, weird, original. –Damian's Mentors

189) In your workspace - try working in different positions, facing different directions, in different angles. –Damian

190) Continue creating your ideas, even when your family and friends don't believe in you. –Damian's Mentors

191) Continue sharing your wisdom, knowledge, ideas, and discoveries, even if friends and family don't understand. –Damian + Mentors

192) Continue sharing your wisdom, knowledge, ideas, and discoveries, even when no one shows interest. Damian's Mentors

193) Buy an hourglass sandtimer & and time yourself while completing tasks. Know how long your tasks are taking. Don't let time slip away. –Damian's Secret

194) Stuck on a task? Open up another task until you get another good idea. Get ideas for many things while jumping between tasks. –Damian's Secret

195) Try dressing up or dressing down during your work session for an easy way to get fresh and spark potential mindset shift. –Damian's Secret

196) Do not stop working until you accomplish an important task. –Damian's Mentors

197) Develop the mindset to take everything from your life as growth. –Many of Damian's Mentors

198) Slow down studying during your ultra creative moments. –Damian's Secret

199) When studying people online, fast forward or skip the video if the person starts teaching nonsense. –Damian's Secret

200) Leave every place you visit, better than you found it. –Damian's Mentor

201) Enjoy worldly music, but know when to turn it off. –Damian's Secret

202) Make a music playlist with your favourite religious songs (Music dedicated to God). Change worldly music to Godly music when you feel you need to. –Damian's Secret

203) Get lost in a bookstore, explore familiar and unfamiliar sections, look at books that grab your attention. Flip through the pages. –Damian's Secret

204) Fast forward, or skip an educational video if the educator tries to limit you with their beliefs or their limited understanding. –Damian's Secret

205) Buy books and products from your mentors and people you look up to, even if you don't have time to read it, or use the product. –Damian's Secret

206) Take a break from educator or completely cut them off forever when the educator is trying to instill a toxic message. –Damian's Secret

207) Wear one of a kind clothing or carry one of a kind items. Not sure why. –Damian's Secret

208) Learn 'The Random Effect'. –Damian's Secret

209) Buy an Audio Recording Device. Learn how to turn it on while it's in your pocket. Use it when necessary. –Damian's Secret

210) Pull up your pants, don't wear pants hanging half way down your ass, no one cares what colour your boxers are. But when you show your asscrack in public, people who see that, think your a slob, and they lose a little respect for you. If you need to instantly lower your respect level and shift attention, you know what to do. –Damian's Secret

211) Embrace changing surroundings, situations, and experiences. –Damian's Mentors

212) Find and test clothing to find what allows you to be most productive. –Damian's Secret

213) Use post it notes during work sessions to write your to-do tasks. –Damian's Mentors

214) During work sessions, as you complete tasks, write down everything you accomplished. Take a pic of completed task list. –Damian's Secret

215) During work sessions, try turning on and enjoying positive music, sounds, beats and frequencies lightly in the background. Try GhettoDJ.com –Damian's Secret

216) During work sessions or when doing everyday activities, try blending sounds, music, beats, frequencies, and education on GhettoDJ.com. –Damian's Secret

217) When writing gratitude lists, affirmations, to-do lists, or accomplished tasks lists, try and test using various colors and brighter writing utensils to emphasize key words and important things on the paper. –Online Research

218) Take a few minutes to organize and clean a messy desk during work session for that fresh desk feeling. –Damian's Secret

219) Working long hours? Jump in the shower for a refresh. –Damian Discovery

220) Focusing and completing tasks is important. But allow yourself to entertain productive distrations between task completion. –Damian's Secret

221) Keep a clean and simple laptop/computer background with minimal files and folders. –Damian Discovery

222) Try task jumping for simple and effective idea generation. Jumping between tasks and projects brings new ideas. Write the ideas down, then start working on the new ideas as they come to you. Before you finish your work session, make sure to write down and take pictures of everything you've worked on, including finished and unfinished tasks. –Damian's Discovery

223) Always try and test different computer/laptop backgrounds. Or create a custom background tailored to you. –Damian's Secret

224) 5-4-3-2-1 by Mel Robbins

225) High Five the Mirror by Mel Robbins

226) It's good to fall asleep to the right music and movies by Damian

227a) Look at holes in socks as an advantage, be more holy like the prophets who once walked the earth. –Damian
227b) Wear different coloured socks by Evan Carmichael
227c) Go Sockless like Uncle Mr Darrin T.

228) Let her go –Passenger

229) Abstinence until successful –Patrick Bet-David

230) Hustle & Love the Grind –GaryVee

231) Positive Stickers on the inside of your hat's visor –Damian

232) Always recognize and quote your mentors –Tai Lopez

233) Believe –Evan Carmichal

234) Get lazy people to do the job to find easier ways to do the job –Bill Gates

235) Move fast, break things –Mark Z

236) She belongs to the game –Troy Ave

237) Sing for the moment –Eminem

238) Your limitations don't exist in my world –Eric Thomas The HipHop Preacher

239) Right Above it –Lil Wayne ft Drake

240) Night At The Museum –Ben Stiller and Cast

241) F*ckin' Problems –A$AP ROCKY ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar

242) Try on, wear AND feel how different shoes work during a work session. –Damian

244) Become irresistible –Marilyn M

245) Zentangles –Valerie EGH

246) QiGong –Valerie EGH

247) God is great, beer is good, people are crszy –Bill Currington

248) Drops of Jupiter –Train

249) No Shopping –French Montana & Drake

250) Be kind and give out compliments often


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